07 September 2011

Wynand, Neil and Wesley received their PhDs

Three of my students received their PhD degrees on 7 September 2011.  They have been added to the list of students on my personal site and my blog contains a brief entry with a picture.

23 June 2011

Relocated blog to blog.mo.co.za

I relocated my blog from Wordpress to Blogger; the address remains blog.mo.co.za, but the address of the RSS feed changed.  Maybe I'll blog one day about my reasons for moving the blog.

In another development, I started yet another blog to see whether I am still able to write in Afrikaans.  It is at http://Martin.dink.so.

31 May 2011

New site: www.networkmuseum.net

I have begun working on a new site: http://www.networkmuseum.net.  I intend using it for undergraduate teaching (and others are free to use it for the same purpose).  Initially it will be structured as a blog, because a blog enables me to add pictures incrementally.  With some luck I will be able to structure it better one day.

I will appreciate access to any installations where I can take pictures to add to the site.  (In general I do not intend using pictures taken by others, but will do so on odd occasions.)

Where possible the focus will be South African.

The intention is to make the work available under a Creative Commons licence.  Details will follow later.

15 May 2011

Computer security postdocs wanted

If you recently completed your PhD or are about to complete your PhD, or if you know about such a person, please talk to us about the possibility of a postdoc at the University of Pretoria.  We would like to talk to anyone who did/is about to complete a PhD in any branch of computer or information security.  We are particularly interested in people who worked in the fields of digital forensics and/or privacy.  More details are available at the ICSA blog.

14 May 2011

Paper added to list of publications: "Proposing a Digital Operational Forensic Investigation Process"

Paper added to list of publications: MA Bihina Bella, MS Olivier and JHP Eloff, "Proposing a Digital Operational Forensic Investigation Process," Accepted for presentation at the 6th International Annual Workshop on Digital Forensics & Incident Analysis (WDFIA), Surrey, United Kingdom, July 2011

24 April 2011

Paper published: "On Compound Purposes and Compound Reasons for Enabling Privacy"

Our paper "On Compound Purposes and Compound Reasons for Enabling Privacy" is now available at http://www.jucs.org/jucs_17_3/on_compound_purposes_and. The paper has also been added to my list of publications.

New conference page: conferences.martinolivier.net

The information I maintain about some security and other conferences has been moved to a new site: conferences.martinolivier.net